5 inch Portable Motorcycle LCD Display IPX7 Waterproof Monitor For Wireless Apple Carplay Android Auto Moto Car Play Screen GPS


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  • Item Weight: 900g
  • Material Type: ABS
  • Model Name: SS-MTC5
  • Resolution: 800×480
  • Placement: In-Dash
  • Display Size: 5"
  • Brand Name: TomoStrong
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Car Monitors
  • Certification: CE
  • System: Linux System
  • Screen: 5 inch LCD touch Screen
  • Supports Wireless Carplay: Support
  • Supports Wireless Android Auto: Support
  • Memory expand: TF Card
  • Built-in Speaker: Support
  • Built-in Microphone: YES
  • Waterproof: IPX7
  • Shockproof: Support
  • Anti theft: Support
  • Adjusting the angle: Support
  • Wiring method 1: Power cord wiring
  • Wiring method 2: USB wiring harness
  • Language: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, German, Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic, Israeli, Ukrainian

Product features

Support for carplay: supports wireless carplay, navigation, and listening to music;

Support for Android auto: supports wireless Android auto, navigation, and listening to music;

Support Micro SD card: music and video playback;

Shockproof: Using this product can solve the pain points of easily damaging the phone camera when directly using the phone holder for navigation;

No longer paying expensive phone repair fees;

Waterproof: IPX7 waterproof grade, no problem when washing the car in the rain;

Anti theft: detachable design, easy to take away when getting off and getting stuck when getting on, very convenient;

Anti glare: With a sunshade cover, the visual effect is better;

Two wiring methods: can be directly connected to the power supply or connected to USB power supply;

Two installation methods: can be fixed with screws or fixed on the car handle;

Adjustable angle: The screen angle can be adjusted freely;

Linux system: smooth operation without lag and delay;

5-inch capacitive touch screen,800*480 resolution ratio

Integrated microphone and speakerWIFI+Bluetooth link, supporting Bluetooth earphone connection for calls

Support multiple languages: Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portugal, German, Thai, Indonesian, Turkish, Hebrew, Ukrainian

Product Specification

Origin: Mainland China
System:Linux OS

Memory: 2GB Flash

Display:5" LCD display

Resolution ratio:800RGB(H)x480(V)

Slot:Mini USB Client 2.0/TF slot



Wifi :5Ghz WIFI

Bluetooth :Two Channels

Charging specifications:Charger 5V/2.5A Input

Operating Temperature:-20°C to 80°C

Storage Temperature:-20°C to 80°C

Working humidity range 45% to 80%RH

Storage humidity range 30% to 90%RH

Atmospheric pressure 86KPa to 106KPa

If you need helmet headphones or remote control accessories, please click on the image link to jump to the corresponding product for purchaseBuyer’s FAQ:

1. Q: How to establish a connection between the device and the phone?

A: Open your phone’s WiFi and Bluetooth, use Bluetooth to search and connect with CarBt_xxx Pairing
(Note: If the connection is not established after connecting to Bluetooth, please manually search for CarBt_xxx in the phone’s WiFi settings Establishing a connection)

2. Q: How to set up a Bluetooth helmet?

A: Step 1. It is necessary to establish a Bluetooth connection between the phone and the device
Step 2: If you have a Bluetooth helmet, please go to Set System Device MIC-OFF.
Step 3: Please go to ‘Bluetooth emission’ to search and connect your Bluetooth helmet.

3.Q: Is it waterproof?

A: Yes, its waterproof rating is IPX7, which allows you to enjoy music and online maps on rainy days. IPX7 level 7 represents the waterproof level of IPX7, which means that the top is 0.15-1 meters above the water surface for 30 minutes without affecting performance or water leakage.

4.Q: Does it have a built-in power module?

A: It does not have a built-in power module, so after resetting, the date and time will not match, but it retains Bluetooth. Once CarPlay automatically connects, it will synchronize the time from iPhone.

5.Q: Does it have a microphone and speakers?

A: Yes, it has a built-in microphone and speakers.

6.Q: Is there a quality guarantee?

A: Yes, we have a 365 day warranty period. Please purchase at any time

7.Q: Can I use Carplay and Android auto simultaneously?

A: No, Carplay and Android auto cannot work simultaneously.

8.Q: What iPhone version supports wireless Carplay? What Android version supports wireless Android Auto?

A: IPhone 6 and above support wireless parking; Android phones require 5G WiFi functionality to support wireless Android cars.

9. How to Upgrade Motorcycle Navigator?

Please contact our staff to download the upgrade file.(Please note: Do not use upgrade files provided by other stores as this may be incompatible)

10. Q: May I ask why the screen cannot be opened when I use a USB cable to connect to it?

A: There are usually three situations where the screen cannot be opened. Please investigate one by one

(1) The wires are not properly connected or the back cover is not tightened by twisting

(2) Insufficient power supply, the USB interface of this product needs to meet the minimum standard of 12V 1A

(3) The USB harness is damaged. Please use our spare power cord for connection testing

If all the above situations are tested and there are no problems, but the screen still cannot be opened, please contact our staff for resolution

Please note that

1. When Carplay or Android auto is working, please do not connect your phone to the iWatch or any Android smartwatch. This third Bluetooth device will cause Carplay and Android auto to fail;
2. When working in Carplay or Android auto, do not use your phone as a WiFi hotspot;
3. Please remove the Bluetooth helmet from the Bluetooth device list on your Android phone, otherwise the wireless Android Auto will not automatically function properly
4. Huawei mobile phone (EMUI) users need to enter the phone developer option and enable "phone data always open" so that the wireless Android automatic operating system can work, otherwise they can only use wired Android to automatically run;
5. Remove all irrelevant Bluetooth and WiFi from the phone and only connect to the host, otherwise the machine will not function properly
6. The power supply must be connected at least 12V 1A.
7. When you still cannot connect to Carplay or Android Auto after opening your phone’s WiFi and Bluetooth, please switch the WiFi frequency band in the WiFi settings. If you do not have the option to switch WiFi frequency bands in your WiFi settings, Please contact our staff to download the upgrade file (Please note: Do not use upgrade files provided by other stores as this may be incompatible)


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